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Our new service "Model for a Day" offers same day transformation photoshoots

“A custom design professional photoshoot for all women, not just professional models”

Our "Model for a Day" experience includes a private design and styling consultation, professional hair and make-up, access to our exclusive wardrobe, full direction and posing guidance, and professional retouching and editing.

In this day and age where the image is omnipotent, I feel like we deserve to have services like our photoshoots, to allow all women to get amazing images of themselves, not just the professional models in magazines.

Even though in your everyday life we don't always feel sexy and beautiful, we are all showstoppers, perfect in our own way. I make portraits to always remember that, and as a legacy. (#dreamphotoshoot)

A portrait is a representation of a person, but it can have so many intents, so much story behind it, all Model for a Day experiences are unique, custom designed.

“Let's change the way you see yourself.”

Although every individual is unique, many women seem changed by this experience. The process of transformation does not only take place during the photoshoot. Seeing yourself so confident in professional photographs changes the way you see yourself. It is a little like writing down affirmations, you leave with a stronger feeling of self confidence.

Some before afters...

For more information, check out our site

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