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About Us - The Photographers

Spinelli Photography is located in JLT, on Mazaya Business Avenue. Our studio "The Boutik Studio" is equipped with a changing room, a lounge area, and a large shooting area with multiple sets. We designed a casual working place where anyone can feel confortable, and at ease, despite the abundance of technical equipment, and a driven work ethic.  We work for both individuals and businesses, and thrive to exceed their expectation in terms of service and final product.

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Owner, Photographer & Retoucher

I love sunshine, laughter and the smell of nature. I believe in magic, love, and that everything is still to be discovered.

I really think life has a purpose and mine is to make all the people around me as happy as possible. I also love to share and talk about what I do so contact me for a chat, even if you are not ready to book a photoshoot.

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Owner, Photographer

Olivier is a talented photographer and Educator specialized Sony. He shares his life between the UAE and Europe where he works for Fashion, swimwear/lingerie and event companies. Olivier has a real eye for beauty.

For our studio, Olivier manages portraits and headshots but also and foremost offers our clients to benefit from his talent and expertise in the sexy side, an amazing opportunity for aspiring or pro models to get astonishing swimwear and lingerie images.

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