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Creating different looks - behind the scene

I asked the wonderful Maria to pose for me to do a specific photo for my webpage, but here are the different looks we could achieve in a couple hours. She brought some wardrobe, and we mixed it with the studio wardrobe. I wanted a little more glamourous style that i love and she enjoyed playing with me.

“How would you like to be photographed?”

There is nothing more rewarding than to team up with talented people. I worked alone for a while, and my advice to any starting photographer is to surround yourself with positive, creative, or just fun life loving teammates to create the images you like. You need to absorb the vision of your client of course, but also let any other of your teammates feel free to express their view and participate, and extraordinary things will happen.

Listening to your clients and teamwork - the results

Bring us your vision of your dream photoshoot, or your requirements for a project and it will be brought to life in a seamless process. From conceptualization, to finding the wardrobe or the props, to making sure the mood is right on spot, we will deliver. (#dreamphotoshoot)

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